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Modern WordPress based websites using the latest skills and code to help you stand out from the crowd.

What can you expect?

Unrivalled level of attention to detail with every aspect of your website.

In the process of creating a website, every decision is carefully considered. Whether that is where the logo is positioned? how the menu will work? how the contents will be displayed? or any of the other important consideration that has to be taken (big or small). The results are a highly refined design that is fit for purpose.

Not just another generic template-based website.

Wordpress and other CMS platforms use various templates to build a website. In fact, a lot of 'web designers' will simply find a template that suites your criteria and invest very little time other than some small tweaks which doesn't take long. This is not our approach, nor should it be ever. An idePoP® website is designed and well planned to your circumstances well before it is created: layout, colour schemes, typefaces, interactivity, functions, branding - are all considered first, based on research. With expert code skills, templates can be adjusted or created to fulfil the design plan and create something specially tailored to your specific needs.

No outsourcing, long lead times or escalating costs.

A big problem with many web design companies is trust. Trust that they will deliver what is promised, trust that they will be readily available throughout the process, trust that they will deliver on time. There seems to be a culture of outsourcing as the skills are not present 'in-house' and costs escalating with every change made. This is simply not the case with idePoP® and what I offer. You can be sure of a totally transparent service and a friendly face to chat to. On top of that, projects are completed quickly without hindering the design process.

idePoP® PROCESS   /

I'll get to know you and what you're about! My goal is to build a strong long-lasting relationship and develop a in-depth knowledge of your market, so we can make very good informed descisions throughout the design process.

No design is the same - why would it be? Everyone has needs that are unique. We face different challenges and different opportunities. A huge amount of creativity and hard work goes into every design so you can be sure that it will be very effective.

From start to finish, I'll keep you involved and I'm alway readily available to cater for your needs. After careful selection and development of design(s) every detail is checked against the brief and 'no stone left unturned'. The design is perfected to the Nth degree with fantastic results, see for yourself.






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