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Identifying the next step in your companies visual evolution.
Helping cement solid foundations that increase awareness and grow your business.

What branding help is offered?

Naming & taglines.

A well chosen name is a valuable asset for any company. It requires a certain level of creativity, discipline and an understanding of the big picture. How memorable will the name be? Is it meaningful and does it give indication of what you do? Does it lend itself well to graphic presentation? Future-orientated? Protectable? Positive? There are a lot of considerations and various approaches depending on your specific situation that I can help with. Find the right name for you that includes these qualities.

Creating & setting graphic charters.

Unity and inner coherence across an identity can be an extremely powerful marketing tool when done well. I can set and devise a graphic charter, a set of guidelines, that mobilise a strategy so that there is unity across all branded materials. It's a very effective way to manage the visual assets of your brand. Especially if their are multiple contributors to artwork in your company (e.g. designs are created both in-house and externally).

Branding advise and expertise.

Expert advice is available whether you are starting a new company and need help creating an identity, expanding, re-positioning, re-branding, or simply need a review of your current visual assets to discover opportunities to improve the effectiveness of your branding. I can help ensure that your unique selling points are clear and coherent throughout.

Brand strategy to provide a central unifying idea.

Its imperative to have in place a strategy that builds on your company vision in order to shape the evolution of your identity. A good brand strategy will help in a number of ways: it will help define positioning (how you fit into your market), highlight and focus on competitive advantages, and importantly define what makes you unique/gives value. I facilitate the process: ask the right questions, provide relevant direction and ideas, and achieve resolutions.

Changing brand positioning as markets evolve.

Positioning creates opportunities as markets are constantly changing. Its all about discovering and taking advantage of changes in politics, demographics, technology and trends when faced with diversity or apparent obstacles. We want to determine your companies position in the minds of its customers; consider their wants, your strengths and weaknesses, and the competition to understand how you can take advantage of circumstances presented.


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